After serving this amazing group of 160 families at Cambridge Air Solutions for the past 13 years and building one of the most studied growth based cultures in the US, it's time that I step down as President and allow the next level of leadership to lead and grow.  So grateful for the learnings we've had together, for the opportunity to learn and grow myself and to meet some of the most amazing leaders the world has to offer.  I'll be rooting for them as I step into my volunteer role as the Chair of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence and search intentionally for the next place where I can lead, learn, and grow.  While I search, I've opened up a few slots for coaching of other leaders as I have enjoyed this part of  leadership role too much to take a break from it.  I have been encouraged by coaches, sponsors, mentors, and friends for all of my professional life (Grateful for each one) and I want to continue to pay the encourage forward.  Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or contact above to see if this may be a good fit for you.   



Glimpse of The Cambridge Family

Incredible People I've Met

Kevin Thompson, CFO/COO Cambridge Air Solutions

Marc is truly the most capable and talented leader with whom I have worked in my 30+ year career. He is both a highly capable engineer, and a extremely gifted sales leader. But most importantly, he strives to be a SERVANT LEADER, and succeeds much more frequently than not. I am also blessed to count him as a dear friend and mentor.

Doug Eisenhart, President Cambridge Air Solutions

I have been very blessed to have worked for strong leaders throughout the last 29 years. Marc's talents blend the proper mix of high intellect, vision and determination with humility, encouragement and care. I appreciate the way in which Marc leads the organization and me personally. I feel Marc's unconditional love for me as a person and his high expectations for me as a leader.