30 Day Gratitude Challenge

Daily journaling and sharing of Gratitude has been one of the most impactful practices of my leadership and my life.  I’ve read several books on it and all of them are clear on the benefits, but for some reason it has been a difficult habit to develop and maintain and I've needed help.  Over COVID, I’ve strengthened my practice of daily Gratitude Journaling and there were several groups of business leaders who started sharing gratitude with each other on a daily basis.  It built incredibly strong relationships through the time of separation and I can point to strengthened marriages, better mental health, and so much more.  

Interested in trying Gratitude Journaling?


Thanks for submitting! As we look at helping people start up with a practice of daily gratitude, we'll be in touch. Get started today by capturing 3-10 items you are grateful for each day. Write it in notes, evernote, or your favorite application. Sincerely, Marc D Braun